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Skutečné jméno Peter Láng
Členem od 12.5. 2010


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Oblíbené kapely Stone Temple Pilots The Smashing Pumpkins Soundgarden Flamengo Dunaj
Oblíbená alba Shangri-La Dee Da Superunknown Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness Lateralus Around the Fur Down on the Upside More Of Everything For Everybody Gish
Vytvořené stránky kapel (37) Soundgarden  Alice In Chains  Metallica  Pearl Jam  Fiona Apple  Nirvana  -123 Minut  A Perfect Circle  Alanis Morissette  Tool  The Smashing Pumpkins   Allan Holdsworth  Stone Temple Pilots  Beastie Boys  Eric Johnson  Foo Fighters  Mulatu Astatke  The Beatles  Kurtizány z 25. avenue  Deep Purple  Led Zeppelin  Deftones  Manowar  Death  System of a Down  The Runaways  The Prodigy  The Chemical Brothers  Cypress Hill  Kraftwerk  Faith No More  Ali ibn Rachid  Vidiek  The White Stripes  Freak Power  Flamengo  The Jezabels 
Vytvořené stránky alb (67) Facelift   Gish  Core  Purple  Siamese Dream  Shangri-La Dee Da  Ten  Mer de Noms  Thirteenth Step  Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness  Superunknown  Badmotorfinger  Bleach  Nevermind  Kill 'Em All  Ride the Lightning  Master of Puppets  …And Justice for All  Vs.  Vitalogy  No Code  Yield  Binaural  Riot Act  Pearl Jam  Backspacer  Adore  Machina/The Machines of God  Machina II/The Friends & Enemies of Modern Music  Zeitgeist  ReLoad  Load  St. Anger  Metallica  Led Zeppelin  Death Magnetic  Led Zeppelin II  Adrenaline  Around the Fur  Led Zeppelin III  Led Zeppelin IV  Houses of the Holy  Physical Graffiti  Presence  In Through the Out Door  Coda  Undertow  Aenima  Lateralus  10,000 Days  Down on the Upside  Louder Than Love  Ultramega OK  Emotive  Alanis  Now Is the Time  Jagged Little Pill  Dirt  Alice in Chains  Black Gives Way to Blue  Scream Bloody Gore  Leprosy  Spiritual Healing  Human  System of a Down  Toxicity  More Of Everything For Everybody